Common Issues Faced With Reseller Hosting Business and How to Tackle Them

The web hosting industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Digitization has changed the way business is done, and an increasing number of organizations are looking to increase their online presence. Hence, there has been a surge in the number of new websites and a subsequent increase in the demand for web hosting services. Hosting Resellers have also managed to create profitable businesses. However, like any other business, the Reseller Hosting Business also has some common issues that we will discuss in this article.

  1. A sudden increase in the demand for bandwidth

Sometimes Resellers face the problem of high bandwidth requirements of their clients. While they are prepared for a modest increase in demand, with social media and search engines driving majority web traffic, it is impossible to estimate the probable bandwidth requirements in the future. Usually, increasing bandwidth capacity means a downtime. However, a good hosting provider and a comprehensive backup can ensure that the process is completed effortlessly and in no time.

  1. Sudden Upgrade

Planning is crucial to any business, and Reseller Hosting is no different. As a Reseller, while you are busy trying to ensure that your existing clients are satisfied, your brand is developing a reputation, and your marketing efforts can be paying off too leading to new clients. Since you purchase finite resources under the Reseller Hosting plan, it is important to consider all these factors while thinking of the available resources. Sudden upgrades can be costly and might need you to postpone some other essential expenses. Instead, a planned approach can help you upgrade in a systematic manner with lesser strain on your finances and time.

  1. Handling Downtimes

For your clients, you are the hosting provider. They are unaware that you are a reseller and don’t own the infrastructure. In case of a downtime, you will be swarmed with calls from all your clients wanting an update. While choosing a hosting provider that ensures 99.9%+ uptimes can help, you need to handle such situations professionally and ensure that you communicate the problem and solution along with the expected timelines to your clients promptly.

  1. Client Relationship Management

A client expects you to offer uninterrupted web hosting and professional service in case of any problems. In fact, if you falter on the service aspect, then even the best hosting package will be insufficient to retain clients. Hence, it is important to focus on client relationship management skills. Many Resellers don’t realize the importance of this aspect and suffer business and/or reputational losses. You must ensure that you have set service-level agreements regarding response times. These need to be communicated to your clients, and you must ensure that you stick to the timelines under all circumstances.

Summing Up

Starting a web hosting business as a Reseller is easy. You can buy an Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting plan from a reputed hosting provider to get started. However, running a successful business involves many aspects. Apart from the points mentioned above, you might face some other challenges during the course of your business. It is important that you tackle them like a web host and always keep the interests of your clients as the topmost priority. Good Luck!